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Im ashamed to say I actually dated this guy for a month. We were never exclusive but he started acting really possessive. I told him in person that I wasnt okay with that and was no longer interested in dating him. He seemed fine but a few hours later I got this.
I'm watching High School DXD for the first time and I almost cried at this scene she really loves Issie but issie is really dumbass who can't see her love. And I don't like Asia she's always so possessive about issie and always interrupt their moments. I hope these two ends up together in the end.
One of New Zealand's wealthiest businessmen, Sir Ron Brierley, arrested at Sydney airport amp charged with possession of child pornography.
My boyfriend (21M) and I (24F) have been together over 8 months. Our relationship is strong and we are very content. I very much plan on marrying this man. So, with that in mind, ive come to the realization that im going to have to figure out how to deal with his mother (we have both met each others families. Thankfully, she lives out of state so I dont see her too often (so i have that going for me. However, over the course of these past months Ive started to see some behavioral pattern.



Gf blocked me from seeing snapchat stories. I present my post prized possession: DL-44 original movie prop from Episode IV. Signed by the man himself. Shana Grice, aged 19, made several pleas to Sussex police to stop her possessive ex boyfriend's campaign of stalking and harassment. The police did not take her complaints seriously and fined her for "wasting police time. She was later murdered by her stalker. Shared into a girls group I'm in, I have no idea when being possessive, controlling and psychotic became a 'cute' thing, but how the hell do people not see these attitudes are abusive.