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Monkey Trouble Movie Review - Common Sense Media. So his wife really didn't love him. Sad. Monkey Trouble is a family oriented comedy about Dodger, a Capuchin monkey who had once belonged to petty criminal, Shorty. Dodger has been trained to steal money, jewels, and everything else imaginable. Monkey Trouble release date… Watch&Monkey& Tr~ouble&Episodes&Online. Rating 2.0 Review by Brian Costello. Monkey Trouble (1994. 1:17:46 quadriplegic sex.

One of my faves. 88 I would have been 7🤠. A great but flawed film its to long an the film has trouble with its tone. It starts an plays for the most part like a drama an honestly prolly could have stayed that way about a guy bonding with a monkey an honestly it might have been even better as a the kills start there pretty under whelming the effects are good so is the once you see the monkey really attacking with a razor its more funny then scary because its a little monkey an feels like a b movie monster monkeys death is amazing as is the last last shock but the film takes to long to get to the this feels like a is a movie with a b plot trying to be a A with all that said its a great b film as a whole.

Oct 12, 2013 Eva Gregory really wants a pet. And her parents really don't. Now when Eva bonds with a.Duration: 2:00 Posted: Oct 12, 2013. Monkey Trouble - Humane Hollywood. See look what you did to. Watch Monkey Trouble full movie…. Yo amo esa peelii.


Monkey Trouble: Thora Birch, Harvey Keitel, Finster. Rating 5.3/10 (6,017. Rating 50% 12. Monkey Trouble: Thora Birch, Harvey Keitel, Finster, Mimi Rogers, Christopher McDonald, Adrian Johnson, Julian Johnson, Kevin Scannell. Peter Gabriel's Shock the Mokey would have been a good intro to the film. There's an animal in all of us. Monkey Trouble (1994. Rotten Tomatoes. I saw this film today inWV tv Very nice It writes relationship bn man and animal. I was so young when I first watched this movie. Im 26 now soon to be 27. Poor Dodger was own by a wrong owner.





Monkey Trouble is a 1994 American comedy drama film directed by Franco Amurri and starring Thora Birch and Harvey Keitel. Plot Cast Music by: Mark Mancina Box office: 16,453,258 Release date: March 18, 1994 Starring: Thora Birch; Mimi Rogers; Christopher McDonald; Harvey Keitel. Rating 50% 12.


Rating 4.4 (67. Monkey Trouble movie review & film summary (1994. Roger Ebert. Monkey Trouble - Trailer. Oct 31, 2014 Monkey Trouble Trailer 1994 Director: Franco Amurri Starring: Christopher McDonald, Harvey.Duration: 2:04 Posted: Oct 31, 2014. Monkey Trouble Trailer 1994. Oct 12, 2013 Monkey Trouble - Trailer. YouTube Movies. when Eva bonds with a charming, furry little.Duration: 2:00 Posted: Oct 12, 2013.

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MONKEY TROUBLE. Also starring legendary Harvey Keitel. Thora Birch finds friendship with a monkey, but the monkey is a trained thief who has ran away. Monkey Trouble - Humane Hollywood. Monkey Trouble (1994.