Movie La dottoressa ci sta col colonnello

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I have always thought that there are two genres of movies: 1)The ones which involve big cast, big directors and above all big amount of money 2) The ones which cannot count upon all these resources. The second type are often able to supply all the low budget deficiencies developing new ideas, trying new methods. Farther from the huge production there's much more freedom, which is the very basic element of every artistic form. Of course this last definition doesn't fit very well to this M.M.Tarantini's creation: I don't think we can call art such an "horrible masterpiece" but for sure here we've got something that doesn't respect any kind of rule, something that has no limits. If nowadays producers and directors have stamped in their minds movies like this as examples of making good entertainment we would get rid of many cinematographic abortions. 1/10 on the trash ( italian B movies" scale means "masterwork. Good bye. GLV.