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Free Movies and TV Shows You Can Watch Now. On IMDb TV, you can catch Hollywood hits and popular TV series at no cost. Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free. There is something fascinating about humans that are a little bit (or a lot) different from the rest of us. It's no accident that movies like The Avengers are big hits at the cinema. On our planet, living among us there are also humans with real super powers. The people in this list, some well known and some not, all have something extra and special about them.

[WP] a super intelligent AI is created and has been introduced to all human knowledge. everyone is in panic and/or in awe of the possible outcomes but in a few days it has created a spaceship capable of FTL travel and left the solar system without telling us what it knows. I watch a horror movie almost every day, here's the best films I watched in 2019.

The Super Human In Us All (Video 2017. Full Cast & Crew. I (24f) have a friend (26) who has always been avidly child free. I've known her for 12 years and she's always hated kids and talked shit about babies. I personally don't mind that she's like this, although it is annoying when she goes on rants about how ugly people's babies are, and I've known her to call toddlers assholes. I know this sounds unbelievable, trust me, I feel like I'm not in real life. She texted all of our friends last week to say that she's having a very important dinner and s.

My favourite book by my favourite author! This book really opened up my mind, and made me see the world, reality and most of all, us humans in a completely new way. Really worth a read if you havent read it, I will guarantee that you will find at least one chapter super interesting.


I've noticed a lot of people expressing views that Space Marines make no sense with the numbers provided and how they have plot armor for some of the feats they have accomplished. If anything I feel like they suffer from a severe nerf in most books, and that's because we lose sight of just how insanely *superhuman they are. Each space marine is basically Captain America\ 2, encased in a suit of armor about as protective as the hulk-buster. Obviously there are a lot of powerful things in 40k, bu.

50 Real Life Superhumans That Will Inspire and Amaze You. Super Human Number 13 - The Real Rain Man Kim Peek Kim was a MegaSavant - One with an incredible memory. He could read much faster than the average human with his left eye scanning the left page of a book, and his right eye scanning the right page. We Are Superhuman.