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It was actually a good movie not really like the video game but ok

Bubbles. what happened to you. Noobs be complaining about the axe throwing scene... Hey. Thanks for putting me in the movie. Tim : I dont need a Pokémon Pikachu : what about a world class detective. She looks really like hailey steinfield. The movie was beast not an amazing hitman movie but a good movie overall in my opinion he wasn't bald enough.




I just got super high and watched Enter The Void again. I swear it felt like it was all a dream I was having and then the movie ended and now I'm just like trying to return to reality. I swear I remember watching Nostalgia Critic review the movie "Barnyard... Just watched Constantine again, and I swear the best part of the whole movie was Tilda Swinton's Gabriel. I swear to God, if we have to watch a flashback of this scene in the new movie I'm just gonna lose it. Watching a Netflix movie and with all the swearing it might as well be porn. Oh, wait, a guy gets peed on by an alien and the aliens penis goes into his mouth. I guess it is porn. (Also, the dick doesnt actually look like a dick, so I guess it cant really be porn.) PS the movies called Rim of the World.