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This is a murder mystery. You attempt to figure out the killer from the sketchy clues. The movie cuts the scene before it gives you the information one would need to solve the mystery. This technique is used in many such films, but in this one it was overdone and too obvious, as it appears to be a tool substituted for a lack of writing skills.
We know the beginning is a clue. A man is having an affair. The computer in the room is turned on and his wife comes home and catches them. The typical argument ensues followed by a gun shot. Who were these people? Who got killed? Who did the killing? We never find out until the end as knowing the relationship between the people in the story might make solving the mystery easier. The movie deliberately plants clues to lead one astray from the real killer.
Movie contains sexual situations, brief nudity, girl/girl action, violence, blood, and slight gore.





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