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[OC] The Horse Lords: Book 2, Chapter 1: Lord of the Clans. * Who are our most bad ass historical Asian heroes that we can and should learn from / be inspired from. Famous and not so famous ones? This sub should be a place of positive vibes, empowerment, self improvement, and not just an echo chamber of negative feelings all the time. Let's make one master list and pin this up to the top to inspire all our brethren here. I'll start things off with the obvious ones (will update the list as more are contributed. Chinese. Yue Fei. Genghis: the legend of the ten free online game.

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[Interview] Queen of Grim Dark: Anna Smith Spark

It has always been a discussion of who are the Primarchs based off of. I am a history buff and major nerd and decided to try figure out which Historical figures have the most in common with different Primarchs. I am ignoring the official references like The Lion being based on Lionel Johnson, but instead going with the historical figures and cultures they and their Legions are based off. If you think I am off let me know in the comment section. Lion ElJonson- King Arthur: legendary ruler and.

I came across Index Astartes - White Scars (as written by Graham McNeil and Pete Haines) recently, and I was struck by how Jaghatai Khan, who most people seem to agree was a swell guy, came across, and I wanted to share it with this sub. Jaghatai (maybe) goes on a road trip. >The *Apocrypha of Skaros* speaks of the White Scars only rarely and even then the text is coloured by the fact that much of what is said comes from the White Scars themselves. One legend tells that their Primarch set ou.

[Excerpt: Index Astartes - White Scars] Jagahatai Khan conquers Chogoris. Keikii Eats Books Advanced Reviews: Chilling Effect, The Ten Thousand Doors of January, The Resurrectionist of Caligo. A Hero Born. * Last year, Anna Smith Spark, the Queen of friggin Grim Dark, took the fantasy world by blood and guts with her pulsating, nauseating debut, The Court of Broken Knives. From its kinetic, fish bowl panorama of death and murder intro, bastards and redeemers fighting and murdering each other, and a style that seemingly sprung from the pages of TS Eliots the Hollow Men with its rhythmic, mocking chant, its little wonder why shes jumped into the published trenches, claws and stilettos ripping all.

Collection of minor Lithuanian badhistory: Balto-Slavs, Vytautas, fascism and how I really don't even care anymore. Genghis: The Legend of the Ten free mobile. Hitler Hunt for 1/15/2018.


Genghis: the legend of the ten free movies. The Devils Sea, otherwise known as the Dragons Triangle, is a region in the Pacific Ocean that has come to be associated with numerous accounts of disappearing ships and planes, sightings of ghost ships and islands, extreme weather and electro-magnetic disturbances, with historical accounts of strange phenomena stemming back at least 3,000 years. In ancient China, it was believed that a dragon with insatiable hunger pulled boats into the sea. The Devils Sea (Ma No Umi in Japanese) is approxi.

Genghis: The Legend of the Ten free. First things first, I apologise for the wall of text! I set my goal to finish 60 books this year, that increased to 100, and now it's sat at 120. I started with a focus on physical books, but as time has gone on, I've picked up more books on kindle, and my primary method now is audible. I have a fair distance to commute, and you'd be surprised at how many books you'll chew through at 1.35x speed! I'll ranked these in the value that I've felt that they've provided me, be it in education or ente. Genghis: the legend of the ten free download. Hello everyone, and merry christmas! It has been a long, long while since I posted anything. Life got in the way and all that. I had begun a few one-shots but the "every HFY story ever" posts sort of killed that. Also, I wanted to write something longer. I really liked my last story. The Horse Lords ( Part 1] the_horse_lords/ and [Part 2] the_horse_lords_suite_et_fin. and it seemed that some o.





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No 1 fact: Hes name is not Genghis, its pronounced Chinggis with “ch”. Why cant you still get it. I am from Kazakhstan so I am probably Genghis Khans descendant. There's more than a few inaccurate facts in here. Ghengis Khan The ruler who brought upon death and destruction, but he brought change through the world Wether we like it or not. Yeah Genghis Khan brutally promoted religious tolerance. how evil of him. Pouring metal into people's eyes and throat is not something Genghis did first. Something similar happened to a Roman ex Consul, Manius Aquillius, who was executed by Mithradates VI, by having molten gold poured down his throat. And then it happened again to Rome's Richest man, Marcus Licinius Crassus, Caesar's partner in the Triumvirate, when he was captured by the Parthians. He got silver instead. I think it was likely used before. It seems to be a symbolic way of executing someone considered greedy.


KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. Do history vs. Winston Churchill and Robert Clive. Mention the barbaric colonialism period in the Indian Subcontinent where the death toll was way beyond WW2. The first two facts make him sound like a prophet lol. Producer of Marvel avengers movies “The Russo” brothers said once in a interview that Thanos is like Genghis khan of the universe.