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American mythology productions is a 21st century media company that identifies, develops, markets, and sells entertainment content through comic books, graphic novels, and digital mediums to the modern consumer. American mythology is the body of traditional stories pertaining to America's most legendary stories and folktale, dating back to the late 1700s when the first colonists settled. "American mythology" may also refer to the modern study of these representations, and to the subject matter as represented in the literature and art of other cultures in any period. Native American Mythology & Legends - Legends of America. American Mythology Comic Books. Native American Legends (Folklore, Myths, and Traditional. Myths of the American Revolution, History, Smithsonian Magazine.

This is certainly true of his two-part documentary, AMERICAN MYTHOLOGIES, which takes a cynical look at American culture in the early 1980s. Gitai opens his film with a large gathering of citizens. Which brings us to the number one historical myth - something that is drilled into the heads of nearly all American schoolchildren. 1. George Washington was America's first President. Everyone "knows" that Washington was the first of the (so far) 43 Presidents of the US. However, this isn't strictly the case. The frontier myth or myth of the West is one of the influential myths in American culture. The frontier is the concept of a place that exists at the edge of a civilization, particularly during a period of expansion. The American frontier occurred throughout the seventeenth to twentieth centuries as Euro-Americans colonized and expanded across North America. This period of time became romanticized and idealized in literature and art to form a myth. Richard Slotkin, the foremost scholar on the sub.

Marshall Blonsky, in American Mythologies, examines the symbolic discourse between the performers and the performed upon as if to examine the state of the ceiling in the house whose walls have already collapsed.