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At the Frames Edge: Editing Cameraperson, The.
Cameraperson (2016. The Criterion Collection.
Editing CAMERAPERSON. In the following program, produced in 2016, the personal and collaborative process of making CAMERAPERSON is revisited by director Kirsten Johnson, producers Marilyn Ness and Danielle Varga, and editors Nels Bangerter and Amanda Laws. 39:10.
8-2-2017 In her award-winning 2016 film Cameraperson, documentary cinematographer Kirsten Johnson turns the spotlight on her own work and yet rarely appears on camera. Instead, we hear her voice off-screen, emerging intermittently throughout the films elliptical assemblage of outtakes, which are culled from her twenty-five years of.

Editing CAMERAPERSON. Editing โ€œCameraperson,โ€ a new program featuring director Kirsten Johnson, producers Marilyn Ness and Danielle Varga, and editors Nels Bangerter and Amanda Laws; In the Service of the Film, a roundtable conversation with Johnson, producer Gini Reticker. Reception. Cameraperson currently holds a 99% Certified Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 88 reviews, with an average score of 8.4/10; the site's consensus reads: Fresh and inventive yet immediately accessible, Cameraperson distills its subject's life and career into an experience that should prove immediately absorbing even for those.

Editing Cameraperson (2017. With Nels Bangerter, Kirsten Johnson, Amanda Laws, Marilyn Ness. Cameraperson - The Criterion Channel.


8-2-2017 An excerpt from a piece on editing Kirsten Johnson's documentary, featured on our edition of the film.